A plethora of recent legislation has added additional strata to the already existing laws, regarding Environmental protection, thereby resulting in new obligations for Business-management. Compliance to these regulations, in respect of any potential hazards arising from either the goods produced or related services rendered - irrespective of whether the harm and or damage results from negligence or not – are incumbent upon the owners and or management and consequently, place an ever increasing burden of responsibility on the Producer, Importer, Distributor and or Retailer thereof.

exordium servicesIn addition, the recent promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act (Act 68, 2008) plays on the role of any Producer, Importer, Distributor and or Retailer of goods or services to consumers, to act in the best interests of the environment, as prescribed by the relevant laws, viz.

  • Various relevant Sections of the S.A. Constitution (Act 108, 1996 as amended)
  • National Environmental Management Act [NEMA] (Act 107, 1998 as amended)
  • National Environmental Waste-Management Act (Act 59, 2008 as amended)
  • Environmental Conservation Act (Act 73, 1989 as amended)
  • Air Quality Act (Act 39, 2004 as amended)
  • Health Act (Act 63, 1977 as amended)
  • Hazardous Substances Act (Act 15, 1973 as amended)
  • National Water Act (Act 36, 1998 as amended)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85, 1993 as amended)
  • Mineral and Petroleum Resources Act (Act 28, 2002 as amended)
  • Consumer Protection Act (Act 68, 2008 as amended)
  • Municipal Structures Act (Act 117, 1998 as amended)
  • Municipal Systems Act (Act 32, 2000 as amended)

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WASTE management and disposal are far more complex than throwing an item away! WASTE must go somewhere! An item may be "single-use," but it is not "disposable." WASTE may be moved, reformulated, separated, compacted, buried or changed to ash and vapors, but something still need to be done with the resulting waste and emissions. 


SA ZERO WASTE will, cost effectively remove the WASTE from the clients premises. We productively separate the various waste categories into re-usable, salvageable, convert-able, and recyclable commodities, which can then be returned via recycling refinement, back into trade and industry, as offset to the extended consumer and waste generators’ responsibilities. Thus minimizing “end of life waste” that need to be incinerated or buried.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Load Recoveries
  • Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal 
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Sump and Pit Cleaning 
  • Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning 
  • Full range of Spill Kits and Absorbing Products
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