Integrated Waste Management

integrated waste managementThe integrated planning of Waste Management operations and systems if SA Zero Waste is of particular importance in the sustainable execution of legal protocol, pertaining to waste management.

SA ZERO WASTE offers any company a sustainable, compliant and cost-effective Integrated Waste Management proposal with regards to general and Non-hazardous Waste, which includes, inter alia:

  1. Determining waste quantities / volumes and the different types of physical and chemical properties thereof, as well as the encapsulating materials, if applicable)
  2. Waste collection equipment and logistics required
  3. Separation of recyclable- and or reusable stock / materials
  4. Implement waste systems and practices
  5. Waste collection and treatment facilities
  6. Levels and frequency of services required
  7. Determine future waste demands

Emergency Spill Response

emergency spill responseAt sa zero waste we have high quality emergency spill response vehicles. These vheicles are fully equipped with large quantities of Spill Response Material and Equipment to handle any kind of Emergency Spill.

We provide more than any other big company out there if not better, at a fraction off the cost.

Should you need a spill response Team at any time? Contact sa zero waste and we will be happy to assist you!


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