Having an effective waste management system is not only for the "recyclers". Every company needs a professional waste management system in place.

Prevention of over full landfills is imperative and we need to bring our part in the effective treatment of waste management for future generations. For businesses of any size, improving operational efficiency is of core concern.

Not only does SA Zero Waste for zero waste, but we aim to promote proper waste disposal. Disposing of waste in the correct manner is crucial in the era we are living in. By incorporating proper waste disposal practices, we can not only decrease the size of the landfills, but we can conserve the natural resources that are left for our kids and future generations. 

Sa Zero Waste provides you with all the essential services your company might need. We offer a wide variety of services from cleaning hazardous waste sites to mining and industrial cleanups. 

SA ZERO Waste provides the following services:

 -Non-hazardous waste removal and salvaging, reclamation, and recycling

 -Civil construction field (earthmoving and road surface rehabilitation)

 -Mining rehabilitation of disturbed soil and the sustainable utilization of the land for agronomy purposes thereafter

 -Supplying the relevant logistics and applicable infra-structure

 -Composting and soil carbon sequestration and the amelioration of soil

 -Improving a Company's carbon footprint

 sa zero waste is constantly upgrading its Logistics and equipment, in order to apply to remove, process, and transport all types of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, as well as registering certain waste products, as safe animal feed. Contact us for waste removal today.

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