Effects of Poor Waste Disposal

We live in a country where pollution has become a major problem. Improper waste management can have disastrous effects on the environment. 

Proper waste management should be a priority and not an option. At SA Zero Waste, we are committed to transporting waste safely - our aim zero waste. 

Having a proper waste management plan in place is often needed by larger firms in order to keep the premises clean, with minimum waste disposal. Just by having a waste transporter that does the hard work on behalf of your company, you are contributing to the bigger picture, recycling. sa zero waste sorts the waste into what can be recycled, what can be repurposed, and dispose of the rest of the waste, according to the legal requirements. 

Effective waste transporters like sa zero waste will prevent overfull landfills, pollution, soil contamination, and leachate (the liquid that forms as water travels through contaminated areas). 

We are part of the solution. sa zero waste is a professional waste management and Disposal Company our aims is to provide high-quality services to the transport and industrial industry, not only at affordable rates but also at a quick and safe response time. Zero Waste strives to become a large, professional competitor in the industry and aims to remain respectable partners to clients and our environment.

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