We are producing more waste in a shorter time every day. With the population increasing, the landfills are filling up faster and causing more harm to the environment than ten years ago. Recycling can be the answer to all your company's waste problems. Simply by having a waste management system in place, you will improve the carbon footprint you leave behind.

Every company needs to have a waste management system in place to dispose of waste correctly. Specialists in the waste management industry, like SA Zero Waste, collect waste, sorts the waste, and correctly dispose of the waste. sa zero waste assists companies to have the correct waste management system in place.

The amount of solid waste is increasing daily and just offloaded at dumpsites. But these dumpsites are being overfilled with solid waste and will never have the opportunity to be composted or recycled. By having a team like sa zero waste to collect your waste, will ensure a greener carbon footprint on your company's profile.

What is the process of waste management?

The term waste management describes the whole process of collecting, storing, uploading, reusing, or recycling. This is an environmentally friendly method used to reduce waste in landfills by recycling and reusing most of the waste. sa zero waste will cost-effectively remove the waste from the client's premises, productively separate the various waste categories into re-usable, salvageable, convert-able and recycling commodities |This can

then be turned via recycling refinement, back into trade and industry, as an offset to the extended consumer and waste generators' responsibilities.

There are four main categories of waste; municipal solid waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, and hazardous waste. sa zero waste specializes in the removal of industrial waste, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste salvaging, reclamation and recycling, mining rehabilitation and, road surface rehabilitation.

SA Zero Waste has some of the best Bio-remediation products and techniques to keep the cost to a  minimum with all environmental pollution cases. sa zero waste also has forklifts and bobcats on standby to pick up any load in case the need arises for load recovery.

SA Zero Waste has emergency vehicles that are fully equipped to contain any hazardous spill. sa zero waste is not only your waste management solution, but we can assist in many situations when it comes to waste removal, crime scene clean-up, hazardous spills, load recoveries, and many more




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