We do it as well as any other big company out there if not better, at a fraction of the cost. Should you need a spill response Team at any time you know who to contact to assist you with your waste disposal Gauteng based.

SA Zero Waste is a professional waste management and disposal company who aims to provide high-quality services to the transport and industrial industry, not only at affordable rates but also at a quick and safe response time. SA Zero Waste strives to become one of the largest, most professional waste disposal companies in Gauteng and we have seen rapid growth during the past year.

Unlike most commercial waste disposal companies, sa zero waste have our own emergency vehicles that are fully equipped to handle large quantities of spill and containment. We have access to some of the most cost-effective techniques and products available in South Africa to restore any contaminated land back to its original state. sa zero waste has the right products and skills to handle any hazardous containment situation.

Our bioremediation products contain naturally occurring as well as added non-native microbiology. sa zero waste has the right products and skills to handle any hazardous containment situation as they have Emergency vehicles which are fully equipped with large quantities of spill containment and absorption products

SA ZERO Waste provides the following services:

-Non-hazardous waste removal and salvaging, reclamation and recycling
-Civil construction field (earthmoving and road surface rehabilitation)
-Mining rehabilitation of disturbed soil and the sustainable utilization of the land for agronomy purposes thereafter
-Supplying the relevant logistics and applicable infra-structure
-Composting and soil carbon sequestration and the amelioration of soil
-Improving a Company's carbon footprint
sa zero waste is constantly upgrading their Logistics and equipment, in order to apply to remove, process and transport all types of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, as well as registering certain waste products, as safe animal feed. Contact us for waste removal today.

Phone sa zero waste today for your waste management disposal solutions.

SA Zero Waste - Our aim is Zero Waste. 

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