There are different types of waste. Every household has got general waste, mining industries have industrial waste and then there is hazardous waste.

Every type of waste can be identified and disposed of in the correct way. Businesses usually has more paper waste and this waste can be recycled.

There is a solution to all different kinds of waste and the answer is simple SA Zero Waste. Our aim is zero waste. Defining waste can be easy. Different types of waste groups are as follow:

General waste – this waste group is easily identifiable as household waste. This type of waste does not pose an immediate threat to man or the environment. This can be garden waste, normal household waste, and small amounts of the disposing of packaging, and so forth. It may however with decomposition and rain produce leachate which poses a danger to man.

Mining waste – This waste group can be in the form of minerals, tailings, waste rock, or slimes produced by the mining industry or resulting from the activities at a mine.

Hazardous waste – This waste group contains waste that is contaminated by poison, corrosive agents, flammable or explosive substances, chemical or any other substances which may pose a detrimental or chronic impact on human health and the environment.

Highly hazardous waste – This waste group contains significant concentrations of highly toxic constituents persistent in the environment and bio-accumulative

Moderate hazardous waste – This waste group is highly explosive, flammable, corrosive, or reactive.

SA Zero Waste is the answer to all these waste groups and having a waste management system in place might be just what you need. sa zero waste specializes in the removal, treatment, and disposal of all types of waste including emergency spill response should you need it.

Having a company that can remove waste, react to an emergency spill, and disposes of the hazardous materials correctly and time might be just what you need.

Phone sa zero waste today for your emergency waste response plan.

SA Zero Waste – Our aim is zero waste

Hazardous waste


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