A Chemical spill is defined as an uncontrolled release of a toxic chemical in liquid, solid or gas form. This is something that can happen anywhere. From your business premises up to the transportation or delivery of chemicals.

A minor chemical spill is a small confined spill that does not pose a tremendous hazard to your health. Minor chemical spills are easy to clean and decontaminate. Major chemical spills are more complex to clean and decontaminate.

In the event of a chemical spill, the individual who caused the spill is responsible for prompt and proper clean-up. Should it be a major chemical spill or the individual doesn’t have the necessary protective gear to clean up the spill, it’s time to call the experts in chemical spills, SA Zero Waste.

What type of protective gear is required when cleaning a chemical spill?

Not every spill requires the same level of personal protection. Chemical spill responders are trained to access the situation and then choose the protective gear necessary. There are different types of personal protective equipment:

Suits: Different types of suits are available for different types of situations. Some suits are reinforced with sealed seams to prevent vapours from penetrating the suit. Other suites available also have sealed seams but are not vapour tight but offer a high level of protection.
Gloves: Gloves are used to protect the hands of the individual cleaning the spill from punctures, chemicals and heat or cold.
Goggles or face shields: This is used to protect the eyes and face from chemicals that might splash onto the face as well as dust or particles that might be airborne.
Respirators: Respirators are used for respiratory protection from harmful vapours, fumes and dust. As with protective suits, there are also different respirators available that offers different levels of protection.
Boots: These boots are designed to protect the worker's feet from exposure to the chemicals and abrasive surfaces or debris.
Turnout gear: This type of gear is used by firefighters to protect the skin from extreme heat conditions.

There are many precautions that need to be adhered to when cleaning a major chemical spill. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) aims to protect the health and safety of all employees in the workplace.

SA Zero Waste has trained employees and we are registered and fully accredited with the “Institute of Waste Management” in Southern Africa (IWMSA). Our employees undergo continuous training to ensure their safety as well as the safety of the people around them when it comes to a spill.

At sa zero waste our trucks are equipped with large quantities of spill containment and absorption products to stop the spill source and contain the spill to prevent further contamination. We have some of the best Bio-Remediation products and techniques available on the market to keep the cost to a minimum with all environmental pollution cases.

Phone sa zero waste today to clean your chemical spills.

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