Paper pulp is the raw ingredient used to make paper. The process of paper Waste Recycling involves mixing used paper with water to break it down. It is then chopped up and heated, which breaks it down further into strands of cellulose, a type of organic plant material, this resulting mixture is called pulp. It is strained through screens, which remove any glue or plastic that may still be in the mixture then cleaned, de–inked, bleached, and mixed with water. Then it can be made into new paper. The same fibres can be recycled about seven times, but they get shorter every time and eventually are strained out.

Recycling paper might seem like a small contribution to the overall problem of pollution and the environment. We need to start easing the burden on landfills. Recycling offers a boost in the economy by providing thousands of jobs and saving costs on manufacturing new goods. One main source of economic benefits resulting from recycling plastics involves a reduced cost in materials for new goods.

Recycled paper is better for the environment than virgin paper. It helps preserve forests, because it reduces demand for wood. It conserves resources and generates less pollution during manufacturing, because the fibres have already been processed once. Paper pollution is another effect of paper waste and it's a serious problem. Chlorine-based bleaches are used during production which results in toxic materials being released into our water, air and soil. When paper rots, it emits methane gas which is 25 times more toxic than CO2.

There are so many products that could be made from recycled paper.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Tissues
  • Printer and copier paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Paperboard (cereal and cracker boxes)
  • Egg cartons
  • Newspapers
  • Grocery bags

These items are to name just a few things that can be done with recycled paper. You can contact SA Zero Waste today for you paper waste management solutions.

SA Zero Waste gives back to the community.

SA Zero Waste has many services to offer. Not only do we believe in cleaning the environment from hazardous and non-hazardous materials, but we also take deep pride in supporting our community. We had the privilege to transport feed to farmers in need in the Northern Cape on the 12th and 13th on September 2019. From the SA Zero Waste Team, we would like to thank George and Chris Robertson (Logistics Manager) for suggesting this donation of feed, enabling the SA Zero Waste team to give back to the community.

The SA Zero Waste team would also like to thank our two dedicated drivers, Michael Gwala and Sibongiseni Ndlovu for taking the feed to the farmers in need in the Northern Cape.

SA Zero Waste, the aim to zero waste.

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