Crime scene cleaning specialists specialising in the sanitising and cleaning of homes, vehicles and offices after homicides, suicides, industrial accidents and other traumas. Crime Scene Clean-up is a human activity that focuses on the cleaning and or management of a particular area after a traumatic or violent incident. These services need to be done by professionals who is not only experienced in the field, but is able to offer compassion through this difficult time.

SA Zero Waste has got years of experience when it comes to delivering their specialised services when it comes to trauma and crime scene cleaning. We are experienced in this field with highly trained staff and emergency response available 24/7. At SA Zero Waste we believe in assisting families, co-workers as well as all people involved through this difficult time.

Fact is that after such an incident, people hesitate or do not have the courage or knowledge to handle the cleaning process themselves. Violence or unsuspected death can leave a trail of destruction when less expected, therefore proper decontamination and bio-recovery of each crime or trauma scene should be exercised to restore the area to a healthy and safe place.  Leave the hard work to sa zero waste. Let the professionals do the work for you.

Our staff are undergoes continuous training to ensure professional services at all times.

SA Zero Waste, your first choice when it comes to crime scene cleaning.


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