If we lived in a world where there was absolutely no authority regarding waste management, where each and every person can determine their own manner in which personal or commercial waste can be disposed, our environment may just give up.

Although we do live in a world where proper waste management and disposal has become more of a priority, there are still people who do not understand the importance of proper waste disposal.

Improper waste disposal can have catastrophic negative environmental and economical effects, such as:

  • Water Contamination
  • Soil Contamination
  • Pollution
  • Leachate (liquids that form as water travels through areas that are contaminated)
  • The Well being of the Municipality
  • Loss in Recycling Revenue

Therefore, because of the disastrous effects that improper waste management can have on the environment and community, it is best to contact professionals, such as SA Zero Waste whose professional and trained staff are equipped to properly and effectively maintain and dispose of waste.

SA Zero Waste is a professional waste management and Disposal Company who aims to provide high quality services to the transport and industrial industry, not only at affordable rates but also at a quick and safe response time. Zero Waste strives to become a large, professional competitor in the industry and aims to remain respectable partners to clients and our environment.

Contact sa zero waste to ensure that your waste management turns into Zero Waste!


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