safe waste disposalOur mission is to provide high quality services to the transport and Industrial industry at affordable rates and a fast but save response time. Our vision is to become a large competitor and a respectable partner to our entire client base and our Environment.

Registrations and Qualifications

We are registered and licensed waste generators and transporters; our staff is trained to handle hazardous materials or waste according to OSHA and NFPA standards on hazardous waste and emergency response.

Product and Skills

  • We have Emergency vehicles fully equipped with large quantities off spill containment and absorption products with trained first responders to quickly and safely stop the source and contain the spill to prevent further contamination.
  • We have some off the best Bio-Remediation products and techniques available on the market to keep the cost to a minimum with all environmental pollution cases.
  • We have forklifts and bobcats on standby to pick up your load any time of day or night.
  • We can safely collect and dispose of hazardous waste and provide a safe waste disposal certificate.
  • We have high pressure cleaners, floor scrubbers, deodorizers, transfer pumps and all the necessary cleaning chemicals to clean any Crime scene, factory or work shop back to its original state.
  • We are proud to manufacture and distribute a full range of spill kits, absorbents and equipment.

Our Services The We Provide

WASTE management and disposal are far more complex than throwing an item away! WASTE must go somewhere! An item may be "single-use," but it is not "disposable." WASTE may be moved, reformulated, separated, compacted, buried or changed to ash and vapors, but something still need to be done with the resulting waste and emissions. 


SA ZERO WASTE will, cost effectively remove the WASTE from the clients premises. We productively separate the various waste categories into re-usable, salvageable, convert-able, and recyclable commodities, which can then be returned via recycling refinement, back into trade and industry, as offset to the extended consumer and waste generators’ responsibilities. Thus minimizing “end of life waste” that need to be incinerated or buried.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Load Recoveries
  • Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal 
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Sump and Pit Cleaning 
  • Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning 
  • Full range of Spill Kits and Absorbing Products
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