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Working with hazardous waste is extremely dangerous to your health and can even be lethal, therefore it would be advised to rather leave this job to the trained professionals.

SA Zero Waste is a registered and licensed waste generator and transporter company. Our professional staff is trained to properly handle hazardous materials and waste as per OSHA and NFPA standards and regulations, and is equipped to handle responses.

SA Zero Waste provides high quality service to the transport and industrial industries in South Africa at an affordable rate and at a quick, yet safe, response time. SA Zero Waste’s professional services include but aren’t limited to: mining rehabilitation, soil carbon sequestration; waste salvaging, reclamation and recycling.

Our emergency vehicles are fully equipped with large quantities of spill containment and absorption products, along with trained first responders that are equipped to quickly and safely resolve and contain a spill in order to prevent further contamination and danger.

SA Zero Waste strives to become a Respectable Partner to our environment and client base. Contact sa zero waste today!


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